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Uploaded by on Jun 21, 2007

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting would like to know your thoughts about what makes news "news."


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Uploader Comments (PulitzerCenter)

  • Thanks to everyone here for sharing their thoughts on what news is and what it should be. We received a great comment via e-mail from Rory in Ontario so we're posting it here for others to see (in three parts.

  • News should be an unfettered accounting of what has occurred. It should be a display of the facts to the public so they may be informed as to the status of a given scenario. Opinion and conjecture is just analysis of the information. This analysis is being blended into our news programs as part of any news presentation. We heed to specialists for an opinion because there is so much to be informed of now we can not possibly know enough to form an entire argument ourselves.

  • This is one of the downfalls of the amount of information we have available.

    It begs the question now, what constitutes news. News is that which will have an impact on the daily life, or future planning of our race, continent, country, province, county, city, or locality.

    This forms the requirement that any happening that occurs that is of, or could affect the stake of the people in any of those regions should be available for their information.

  • It is impossible to present everything so things are picked from the pile. Unfortunately this is a matter of judgment. Obviously the one criteria is what would impact the Most people in a given region. This should likely be the primary criteria. Again, it's based on judgement.

    I'd like news to be an unmolested account of the events that have occurred based on sets of information that have an impact on the most people, but that doesn't sell commercials or papers.

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